• Contractura – Arranges indoor and outdoor climbing events and trips. There are also courses and events for beginners!
  • Curvatura – Organizes down-hill skiing trips! Each year Curvatura organizes
    a weeklong trip to the Alps called ‘Curvatura Major’
    a weekend trip to Koli known as ‘Curvatura Minor’
    a day trip with AHS somewhere close to Helsinki
  • Digestive – Cooking club
  • Epincondylitis – Epicondylitis is a tennis club
  • FC Femur – Girls’ football club that rehearses actively once a week and plays also in a serie. You don’t have to be super pro to attend!
  • FC Hallux – Football club that also rehearses actively once a week and plays in a serie. Mostly boys!
  • Galoppius – Very active group that arranges horse riding courses for beginners and experts. Also one day trips in the contryside!
  • Gastrocnemius Ferreus – A club for cross-country running! Organizes running events and running just for fun.
  • Krebsin sykli – Krebsin sykli is a cyclingclub!
  • Lanugo – Active floorball club, that rehearses once a week and also plays in a serie.
  • LKS:n viinikerho – Wine club, that organizes cheap wine tastings with different themes.
  • Psykemia – Club that arranges meetings and lecture about psychiatric themes
  • Ristiside – A religious club, that arranges weekly meetings.
  • S.M.A.S.H – A club that arranges racquet sports and golf events!
  • Speksi r.y. – A huge organisation that creates very popular music comedy spectacle every year. Contact:
  • tuottajat [at] lks-speksi.fi
  • Uvula Aurea – A choir for girls and boys, rehearses weekly and performs 5-6 times a year.
  • Vaahtosolut – A club that arranges beer teasting and has also made some beer/cider.
  • Valkotakit r.y. – A popular orchestra, that rehearses and performs regularly.